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Social responsibility

The socially responsible operation of RNIDS is defined in the Statute and Code of Ethics; RNIDS has particular accountability towards the local Internet community in Serbia.

Among the objectives of RNIDS is involvement of the broadest possible cross-section of the community in its work and in the development of the Internet in Serbia by increasing the volume of Internet content in the Serbian language and script, as well as in the languages and scripts of ethnic minorities. Additionally, RNIDS engages in organising professional consultations, public debates and other events.

The regular cooperation of RNIDS with the local Internet community can be seen in:

  • Professional events organised by RNIDS on topics relating to the development of the Internet, both globally and in the Serbian national Internet domain space (DIDS, Cyber Security, panel debates etc.)
  • Professional events and projects organised by RNIDS together with other participants in the local Internet community in order to work towards common goals and to educate and raise standards in local Internet content.
  • Sponsorship of professional events, projects and organisations involved in the Internet across Serbia, where these align with RNIDS’ declared objectives and plans.

RNIDS takes it upon itself, in the event of it ceasing its operations, to make prior arrangements for the continuation of the stable and reliable functioning of primary Internet services on the territory of Serbia so that the cessation of RNIDS' operations would not negatively impact the functioning of the national Internet space. In the event of the cessation of the operations of RNIDS, the Conference of Co-founders, in accordance with the law, would appoint one or more not-for-profit organisations to which the remaining property of RNIDS would be transferred.

RNIDS will act in opposition to all forms of inappropriate behaviour in the Serbian Internet space, in particular:

  • misuse of Internet domains (false representation, cyber-crime)
  • abuse of copyright and related rights, and of intellectual property rights
  • abuse of the privacy and security of Internet users
  • abuse of the credulity of Internet users for purposes of profit

RNIDS, via its Code of Ethics, takes on the moral obligation to contribute to the improvement of society and the protection of the environment.