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Organisational framework

The RNIDS organisational framework is a plan of action for the fulfilment of the RNIDS Strategy, and consists of a hierarchy of objectives to be pursued through ongoing projects and processes. The organisational framework provides a structure for integrated financial planning, project tracking, reporting and monitoring of performance indicators.

The organisational framework consists of four levels. At the top level, the objectives are defined as Organisational Objectives, while second-level objectives are defined as Operating Objectives. All activities are subjected to those objectives. At the third level we have portfolios (groups) of projects, while below this level, within each group, there are specific projects.


Development of the Registry and the domain name market

  • Development of the registration system and domain accessibility
  • Development and implementation of domain registration rules
  • Development of the market
  • Regional and international partnership

Business excellence

  • Efficient and effective operation
  • Stable operation and risk management
  • Human resources development
  • Planning

Organisational development of the Foundation

  • Ensuring transparency and a high level of accountability
  • Organisational stability and growth
  • Increasing the number of co-founders and their participation in the work of the Foundation

Supporting the development of the Internet in Serbia

  • Supporting state institutions in adopting and implementing ICT policy
  • Educating the industry and public at large on Internet-related matters
  • Supporting the Serbian Internet community
  • Regional and international partnership