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Code of Ethics

The RNIDS Code of Ethics seeks to recommend moral principles to all individuals and legal subjects associated with RNIDS by which they will conduct themselves in their professional life and work.

The Code of Ethics is founded on respect for national legislation, social morality, good business practice and international standards relating to the Internet, and is approved by the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders.

The RNIDS Code of Ethics is a document that should be implemented by all individuals and organisations with a contractual relationship with RNIDS:

  • the RNIDS Co-founders
  • the RNIDS Board of Governors
  • RNIDS professional and working bodies
  • the RNIDS Office
  • accredited national domain registrars
  • registries of delegated second-level domains
  • the Committee for the Resolution of Disputes Relating to the Registration of National Internet Domains

In its day-to-day operations, RNIDS adheres to the following general principles:

  • propriety and honesty
  • professional attitude
  • impartiality
  • independence of operation
  • confidentiality of data
  • prevention of conflict of interest
  • freedom of competition
  • transparency
  • protection of reputation
  • propriety in communication


RNIDS Code of Ethics