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All aspects of RNIDS’ operations are publicly accessible, excluding those relating to the security of the system for the administration of the national Internet domains.

RNIDS has the statutory obligation to devote particular attention to the transparency of its operations, as an organisation which conducts business of significance for society as a whole. According to the Agreement signed with the ministry responsible for telecommunications and the information society, RNIDS reports to the Ministry every three years after an analysis of the extent to which obligations have been met in regard to the organisation, the registration system and the transparency of operations.

Information about the operations of RNIDS is public and made available in accordance with the Reporting Policy. In its operations RNIDS has an obligation to adhere to the provisions of the law governing personal data protection in order to protect the privacy of users, and the protection of data designated by contract or by law as commercial secrets. RNIDS also puts in place mechanisms that enable users to express critical opinions of its operations.

The Board of Governors is responsible for ensuring the public transparency of RNIDS’ operations

The director of RNIDS organises promotional and other public relations activities aimed at establishing and maintaining the public reputation of RNIDS.

The Marketing and Communications Department, part of the RNIDS Office, organises public relations activities and activities promoting the vision, mission and strategy of RNIDS to the public. RNIDS works with all media that reach Internet users – especially those media aimed at IT, business and marketing professionals – seeking to inform the public fully, objectively and in a timely fashion about news in the sphere of Internet domains and their use by individuals and businesses.

The RNIDS Statutory Commission issues recommendations for ensuring the transparency of RNIDS’ operations.

The transparency of RNIDS’ operations is ensured on an ongoing basis as follows:

  • publication on the RNIDS corporate website of all information and documents of interest to the public, and their distribution via the RSS service for the syndication of news and documents
  • publication of advertisements, vacancies and tenders on the corporate website and other media as required, in accordance with the Procurements Rulebook
  • publication of financial and other reports in accordance with the Reporting Policy
  • public debates on enactments to be approved by RNIDS bodies in order to ensure the predictability of business operations, better insight into the needs and expectations of all interested parties and better protection of the interests of end users
  • posting online of video recordings of Conference of Co-founders sessions
  • publications such as: RNIDS Info, the Annual Report, brochures published on special topics...
  • active presence on social networks