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Registration fees

Fees for the registration of .RS and .СРБ domain names by end users are fixed independently by accredited registrars!

The fees outlined in the official RNIDS Schedule of Fees are not applicable to end users, i.e. registrants of .RS and .СРБ domain names, they are the fees charged to accredited registrars by RNIDS for .RS and .СРБ domain registration services. They are effectively wholesale prices, while the fees paid by the user for registration are a retail price, in line with common business practice. RNIDS maintains the same terms for all accredited registrars.

The most affordable domain names, on the IN.RS and .ОД.СРБ domains, intended for use by individuals, can be registered at a price that is lower than that of the generic domains (.COM, .ORG, .NET, etc.).

Fees for the registration of .СРБ domains are especially affordable, since RNIDS has taken on the obligation to promote the use of Cyrillic online, as the official Serbian script.

Fees for the registration of .RS domains are based on cost principles and are comparable to the prices of national domains in the surrounding countries, and below the average European prices for domains managed by registries with up to 500,000 domains, which includes RNIDS. Fees have not been increased for a number of years, despite inflation, and hence .RS domains have been getting cheaper in real terms year-on-year.