The highest body of RNIDS is the Conference of Co-founders, comprised of the authorised representatives of all co-founders. Its responsibilities include electing the RNIDS Board of Governors and approving and amending the Statute and other official RNIDS documents such as general enactments on the registration of national domains…
RNIDS is an open organisation, and the number of co-founders is constantly growing. We invite all companies and business owners who are interested in the development of the Internet and Internet services in Serbia to become RNIDS co-founders…
The Board of Governors constitutes the highest level of management of RNIDS, concerning itself with the implementation of the objectives of RNIDS as established by the Statute and the decisions and other enactments of RNIDS. The Board of Governors has seven members, elected by the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders...

RNIDS operates the Central Registry of national Internet domain names of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the decisions of ICANN issued on 11th September 2007 (for the .RS domain) and 21st April 2011 (for the .СРБ domain). RNIDS may also manage other Internet domains that are delegated to it.

RNIDS is comprised of:

Any legal entity or sole trader registered in Serbia may become a RNIDS co-founder.

The primary objective of RNIDS is to organise the management of the central registry of .RS and .СРБ national Internet domains in a way that serves the interests of all Serbian citizens while adhering to the principles of quality, efficiency, independence and transparency.

Additional objectives of RNIDS, as defined in the Statute, are:
1) increasing the number of RNIDS co-founders and involving the wider community in its work
2) promoting the Internet as a global communications network available to all
3) increasing Internet content in the Serbian language and script and the languages and scripts of national minorities
4) active participation in increasing information security in Serbia

As per its Statute, RNIDS engages in the following primary activities:
1) technical and administrative management of the Central Registry of the national top-level domains delegated by ICANN to Serbia
2) maintaining the main DNS server for the national domains
3) managing the publicly accessible WHOIS server for the national domains
4) establishing principles and procedures for the registration of national domain names and the operation of accredited registrars
5) collecting and publishing information on the growth of the Internet in Serbia, within the scope of its activities and in accordance with RNIDS' objectives
6) developing and promoting rules for working with accredited registrars in line with best practice, and calling on the experiences of other national registries
7) adopting and improving rules and assisting in the resolution of disputes arising from the registration of domain names
8) partnership with similar regional and international organisations
9) promoting the national Internet domains .RS and .СРБ

RNIDS is also engaged in the following complementary activities:
1) organising professional consultations, public debates and other events
2) providing support to accredited registrars within the national domains
3) partnership with other local and international organisations in accordance with the objectives and activities of RNIDS
4) managing CERT for Serbian national Internet domains
5) other activities in accordance with the Statute and objectives of RNIDS