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List of accredited registrars

On this page you can find a simple list of accredited national Internet domain name registrars who have signed an agreement with RNIDS. A more detailed overview of the services of accredited registrars can be found at


Adriahost (Beograd)

AVcom (Beograd)

Akton (Beograd)

Astra Telekom (Beograd)

Banker (Niš)

BG Svetionik (Beograd)

BeoTelNet-ISP (Beograd)

Bolji biznis (Kragujevac)

Burina NET (Inđija)

Gama Electronics (Beograd)

Domain Operation Center (Vranje)

Dream Technologies Group (Beograd)

EutelNet d.o.o. (Beograd)

Exe Net (Niš)

Inet (Beograd)

Informatika (Beograd)

IP Plus Studio (Beograd)

Loopia (Niš)

Mainstream (Beograd)

mCloud (Beograd)

Mint (Beograd)

Mint Hosting (Beograd)

Netcast (Beograd)

Netlogic (Beograd)

Netcom system (Beograd)

NiNet Company (Niš)

NordNet (Subotica)

Orion telekom (Beograd)

Panet (Pančevo)

Pošta Srbije (Beograd)

SBB (Beograd)

Signet CS (Beograd)

Skyneting (Niš)

Skysign (Beograd)

StanCo (Petrovac)

Superhosting (Beograd)

Telekom Srbija (Beograd)

Triumph d.o.o. (Beograd)

United Internet (Belgrade)

Gransy (Beograd)

HostingMania (Beograd)

Host Media D.O.O. (Inđija)

Complus Visual Communication (Beograd)

Connect (Novi Pazar)

CRI Domains (Beograd)

Webhosting (Niš)

Yunet International (Beograd)