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Visual standards

Elements comprising the visual identity of RNIDS are the RNIDS logotype, logomark and other visual standards and graphical forms which represent Internet domains and other brands and campaigns. All elements of the visual identity must be used in accordance with the approved graphic standards.

The logotype and logomark are defined in the RNIDS Graphic Standards Book and are used, depending on requirements, in Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin) or English forms, as well as in horizontal and vertical variants. Guidelines for their use are given in the RNIDS Visual Standards Usage Guidelines. All those wishing to use the RNIDS visual identity should read the Guidelines.

The RNIDS director is responsible for adherence to the visual standards and the establishment of the corporate and brand identity of RNIDS.

All members of RNIDS, accredited registrars, RNIDS partners and media may download all graphic elements in the different available formats.


Visual Standards

RNIDS logomark and logotype:

 RNIDS logo (PDF, 10 kB)

Logotypes of the national Internet domains:

Accredited Registar sign

Standard font

 Roboto (ZIP, 1,33 MB)