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Reserved domain names

RNIDS has the right to register or reserve domain names for its own use, domain names of special significance for the Republic of Serbia and domain names required for the stable functioning of Internet services in Serbia.

Reservation of a domain name means that it cannot be registered without the permission of the person it was registered for. If the registration of a previously reserved domain expires, it is returned to reserved status.

Most reserved domains are names of towns and cities in Serbia, of public institutions or of administration bodies and services of the state and local governments. They are reserved in order to prevent any misuse or misleading of Internet users who might mistakenly think they were on an official site.

Current lists of reserved domain names:

Procedure for registration of reserved .RS and .СРБ domains

State and local government bodies for whose use .RS and .СРБ domains have been reserved and are on the lists of reserved domain names, should submit a domain name registration application to their accredited registrar of choice. The accredited registrar then takes all the steps needed to register the domain name.