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100,000 .RS domain names registered


100.000 .RS domena

In the year that RNIDS marks the 10th anniversary of .RS domain, Friday 13th, saw the registration of the one hundred thousandth .RS domain name.

Registrations of .RS domain names began officially on 10th March 2008 at midday, simultaneously via 27 companies that were accredited to provide registration services. That first day, 7,000 domain names were registered. In the following six months, up to 10th September 2008, owners of the old .YU domain names had right of first refusal for registration of equivalent names with the .RS suffix, an opportunity taken for 19,372 domains.

In the meantime the .RS domain grew both numerically and in terms of quality. The infrastructure was upgraded and new registration software was created. It is the only TLD with three types of protection and has enjoyed 100% uptime since its launch until the present day, making it one of only seven world domain names to have zero downtime in the last ten years.

Today .RS domain names can be registered by any legal entity or individual, foreign or domestic, quickly, easily and in unlimited numbers, via one of the 44 RNIDS accredited registrars, which has brought us to the round figure of 100,000 domain names. 

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