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April edition of RNIDS Info


Issue 34 of the RNIDS Info corporate newsletter brings an overview of events at RNIDS and in the local and global Internet community in the first quarter of 2017. RNIDS sponsored the jubilee 20th PC Press Top 50 Awards and presented a special prize to the web site of the Belgrade Philharmonia, бгф.срб.

The committee tasked with addressing complaints regarding breaches of the terms of registration resolved three cases of non-compliance with terms and conditions. A panel discussion titled Cyribusters 2 was held for the 5th anniversary of the .СРБ domain, at which five of the most common excuses for not using Cyrillic were analysed.

RNIDS staff also had meetings and collaboration with state authorities on more than one occasion, as well as with the American Chamber of Commerce. In terms of international cooperation, RNIDS representatives attended a number of meetings in Europe and around the world.

DOWNLOAD: RNIDS Info 34 (PDF, 1.29 MB)