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DIDS 2020 and silent Internet revolutions


On the 19th March the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) Foundation will organize its eleventh annual conference Serbian Internet Domains Day (DIDS) – DIDS 2020, under the slogan „Silent Internet revolutions“.

There are ten DIDS conferences behind us now – ten great tales of the Internet. Year by year, DIDS has chronicled silent Internet revolutions. The eleventh DIDS is set to kick off a new decade – of asking important questions and of seeking to identify where we are today, of remembering where we came from and everything that has happened along the way.

Like in the previous years many national and international experts will participate and speak at the conference.

DIDS 2020 asks: in seeking to provide Internet users with the privacy they sorely need, is their security being sacrificed? Do new protocols which ensure the privacy of access to online destinations at the same time compromise the basic structure of the Internet, and how does that impact the experience of end-users? In leaving it up to the tech giants to take care of our online privacy will we end up seeing the Internet solely through their eyes?

Through a presentation of the results of recently conducted market research, DIDS 2020 will give an insight into the way Serbian micro, small and medium enterprises do business, focusing on their use of the Internet commercially. DIDS will look at how the Internet has transformed business, and whether a commercial model based on active use of the Internet is a decisive factor for the successful promotion and sale of products and services.

And while we are talking about promotion and sale, DIDS 2020 will look at the revolution the Internet has brought to marketing, how it has impacted the (r)evolution in the concept of branding and enabled the consumer to speak louder about the brand than the brand itself. We’ll deliberate about the influence the Internet has on the process of artistic creation and art’s promotion bearing and ask whether the age of the Internet is the era of symbols in which and emoji can replace the entire paragraph of text.

For the past ten years DIDS visitors could attend the conference free of charge. The same applies this year, however, due to the venue capacity the number of visitors is limited and the registration of visitors, which begins in late February, is necessary.

Welcome to #DIDS2020!