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January edition of RNIDS Info


Issue 37 of the RNIDS Info corporate newsletter brings an overview of events at RNIDS and in the local and global Internet community in the fourth quarter of 2017. A regular session was held of the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders, at which new General Terms and Conditions for the Operation of Accredited RNIDS Registrars were approved.

A panel debate was held titled “Internet Security – Problems and Solutions”, as well as a series of educational events all over Serbia on the basics of establishing a proper online business presence. The Third RSNOG Conference was held, as well as a free workshop on the topic “Implementation of IPv6 in cable and mobile networks”.

There were two staff changes in the RNIDS Office, and marketing partnership with RNIDS accredited registrars was continued. As regards international cooperation, RNIDS representatives attended a number of meetings all over the world.

DOWNLOAD: RNIDS Info 37 (PDF, 1.48 MB)