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July edition of RNIDS Info


Issue 35 of our corporate newsletter, RNIDS Info, brings an overview of events in RNIDS, in the local Internet community and worldwide during 2017 Q2. The regular May meeting of the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders was held, and a series of educational events to be organised across Serbia kicked off in Bor.

The Intellectual Property and the Internet conference was held at the Belgrade Faculty of Law in Belgrade, and the 5th Conference for RNIDS Accredited Registrars was held 20th June. There have also been some changes in terms of staffing and structure in the RNIDS ICT Sector.

Market partnership was also continued with RNIDS accredited registrars. RNIDS was active internationally at a variety of events in Europe and further afield.

DOWNLOAD: RNIDS Info 35 (PDF, 1.21 MB)