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October issue of RNIDS Info


Issue 26 of the corporate newsletter RNIDS Info contains an overview of events at RNIDS, in the local Internet community and internationally during the third quarter of 2015. The RNIDS Conference of Co-founders gained new management and the redesigned RNIDS website was launched.

Alongside the regular .RS and .СРБ domain name registration statistics, for the period July-September 2015, there is also news about three resolved domain disputes. A talk titled “Big Data and Cyber Security” was held at the Faculty of Security Studies and was co-organised by RNIDS. This year’s educational and promotional campaign, “I Know You From the Net!”, is also presented in this issue.

The international activities covered in this issue include those of RNIDS delegates in events abroad and in international working groups, and there is also a report from the 48th CENTR Legal and Regulatory Affairs Workshop, which was held in Belgrade.

DOWNLOAD: RNIDS Info 26 (PDF, 1.26 MB)