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Report on the first day of .rs domain registrations


The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS, would like to inform the public that the new national domain of Serbia .RS successfully started functioning on Monday, March 10th 2008. Twenty-seven companies authorised to perform .rs domain registrations started off the registration process at noon. A total of 6,800 domains were registered on the first day, until 05:00 pm. The majority of these domains, i.e. about a half of them, are domains registered by citizens, companies and other interested parties directly in the .rs address space. About 35% of domains were registered in the address space.

During the first five hours of registration, 850 citizens or almost 12% of citizens used the possibility of registering domains within the new address space, dedicated to citizens. During the next six months, owners of old .yu domains have the Priority Right to register the same domain names within the .rs domain. RNIDS would like to invite citizens, companies and other interested parties to use this right. RNIDS will continue to inform the public regularly about the process of registering new national domains. A press-conference will be organised until the end of the week, to present results of activities of the new national register during the first several days. The information about the date and time of the conference will be published subsequently.