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RNIDS signed agreement with ICANN


The RNIDS Assembly ratified the Letter of Intent with ICANN, signed by a Serbian delegation at 30th International Public ICANN Meeting, held in Los Angeles from 29th October to 2nd November.

The signing ceremony was attended by Ms. Mirjana Tasić (the previous .yu domain administrator and the current Acting Director of RNIDS), Vint Cerf (the 'father of the Internet’ and the President of the ICANN Executive Board) and Paul Twomey (CEO ICANN), as well as Slobodan Marković (a member of the Managing Board of RNIDS and ICANN ccNSO Council) and Vladimir Aleksić (from the ICANN Fellowship program).

If you wish to see photos from the signing ceremony, as well as details from the official dinner, organised in the Sony Studio in honour of Vint Cerf, who is leaving ICANN after having spent seven years there, please visit this address:


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