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Roy Arends visiting RNIDS Foundation


Principal Research Scientist at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) - Roy Arends, visited the RNIDS Foundation offices, during his stay on the occasion of the “Intellectual Property and the Internet” conference, held on June 1st, 2017 in Belgrade.

During his visit, a joint meeting with Danko Jevtović, RNIDS CEO and Žarko Kecić, RNIDS CTO, was held. The plans for improving security and stability of the Serbian DNS system were considered at this meeting, along with the possibilities for establishing a direct cooperation between RNIDS Foundation and ICANN in this area.

On the same day, Roy Arends held an interesting talk about the history of naming the Internet at the “Intellectual property and the Internet” conference, organized by the Belgrade Faculty of Law and the Serbian National Internet Domain Name Registry Foundation (RNIDS). The audience had a chance to hear some lesser-known facts about how the Internet came about, and about the need that arose for regulation through the allocation of domains.

See his entire talk at the following video: