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Serbian Internet Domain Day (DIDS 2023): Technologies Serving Business


The Serbian Internet Domain Day - DIDS 2023 - will be held on March 07, 2023, at the Vlada Divljan Culture Center, Belgrade, Serbia. While observing a significant milestone - 15 years from March 10, 2008, the inception date of .rs national domain registration, DIDS 2023 will be dedicated to using digital technologies in business.

Istrazivanje DIDS 2023

The results of comprehensive research on using digital technologies in business will be presented during the conference, giving the audience valuable insights on the question of how extensive the use of digital technologies is in the area of doing business: e-mail, website, e-commerce, cloud services, social networks, collaboration and video-conferencing tools, business software, etc.

The participants will also learn more about the level of digitalization of business activities within Serbian companies - document management, e-banking, business intelligence, filing and archiving, etc.

The results will be presented by Mr. Vladimir Zarić, Account Director at Four Dots. The presentation will immediately be followed by a thematically compatible panel discussion named Digital Business Solutions from Serbia, where the panelists will talk about the software solutions devised and developed in Serbia.

DIDS 2023 is going to be held in the standard live event format. The organizers will stream the conference on the DIDS 2023 website and their YouTube channel.

Tickets for the conference are free. Due to the limited number of seats, sign-up and registration are mandatory.