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TLDCON 2020: the impact of regulations on registries


The conference for national TLD registries of the countries of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe – TLDCON 2020 – is being held for the thirteenth time in a row, online on 7th and 8th September. Speaking on the first day of the conference, during the session devoted to legal regulations and their impact on the operation of TLD registries, was Dejan Đukić, acting director of RNIDS.

Đukić spoke about legislative changes that have affected registration services in the .rs and .срб. domains and have required adaptation and implementation, as was the case with the new Personal Data Protection Law and GDPR. The other important law he discussed the implementation of and which affected the operation of the registry from the legal standpoint, was the Law on Information Security. He explained the significance of this law in the light of the fact that RNIDS has been recognised as an ICT system operator of special importance.

Participating in the panel were a representative of the Russian state administration and representatives of Internet associations and registries. After brief introductory talks there was an interesting discussion on how legislation affects various parties, how far-reaching the role of the state should be, whether there should be more or less regulation and what the recommendations are – what the preferred attitudes of states towards different stakeholders would be. The panel was moderated by Leonid Todorov, APTLD.

The conference is being organised by the Russian domain registry – the Coordination Center for TLD RU – with the aim of engaging national domain registries and registrars in dialogue on issues that affect the Internet.


Photo: Screenshot  TLDCON 2020