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Twenty-four applications for accredited registrars of .rs domains arrived


The first round of applying for accredited registrars of .rs domains was finished at 04:00pm on Friday, November 23rd. RNIDS received the applications of 24 interested companies throughout Serbia.

What follows is a complete list of companies (according to the order of applying): EUnet d.o.o. (Belgrade), Pakom d.o.o. (Niš), YUBC System a.d. (Belgrade), Gama Electronics d.o.o. (Belgrade), Loopia d.o.o. (Niš), AbsolutOK d.o.o. (Belgrade), Beocity d.o.o. (Belgrade), Madnet d.o.o. (Pančevo), CRI d.o.o. (Belgrade), TippNet d.o.o. (Subotica), StanCo d.o.o. (Petrovac), SezamPro Hosting - Hosting d.o.o. (Belgrade), Verat d.o.o. (Belgrade), NordNet d.o.o. (Subotica), d.o.o. (Novi Sad), NiNet Company d.o.o. (Niš), HostingMania d.o.o. (Belgrade), SBB d.o.o. (Belgrade), BeoTelNet-ISP d.o.o. (Belgrade), SCnet d.o.o. (Belgrade), Telekom Srbija a.d. (Belgrade), VTkom d.o.o. (Novi Sad), Public Enterprise of PTT Communications "Srbija"(Belgrade) and MediaWorks d.o.o. (Belgrade).

At a meeting held on November 23rd, the Managing Board of RNIDS brought a decision to offer the Contract for performing a .rs domain registration to all the above mentioned companies who had submitted Application forms. A final list of companies which sign the Contract will be published on the site of RNIDS after December 3rd 2007, while the Managing Board of RNIDS will decide on the starting date of .rs domain registration for end users during December 2007.