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Voting results for Cyrillic domain of Serbia


On March 5th 2010 the Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names initiated the procedure for introducing the Cyrillic IDN ccTLD that would represent Serbia on the Internet. The procedure is defined by ICANN in The Final Implementation Plan for IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process.

Proposals for the Cyrillic domain of Serbia were collected at the beginning of July in a comprehensive and serious campaign during which the Internet community of Serbia was invited to vote. The last step in the procedure was voting for one of four proposals. The voting results show that the Internet community responsibly and seriously participated in the process of selecting the Cyrillic domain of Serbia.

Apart from 10,505 people who voted on the Website of RNIDS, two control groups contained approximately 1,000 voters. The aim of the control voting was to confirm results of the basic voting.

The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names would like to thank everybody who participated in the choice of our Cyrillic domain.

Additional information on the voting and the following steps for introducing the Cyrillic domain is available here.